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Family Banking

The best all-in-one banking app for your whole crew.
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Parent turtle with child turtle standing on their back with a card.

What is Crew?

Bank accounts
High interest checking and savings accounts for you and your kids.
Dollar sign
Credit cards
Premium rewards, and guardrails to teach your kids safe spending.
Colorful credit cards
AI Powered month in review to help you feel in control of your money.
Calendar diagram with some days colored.
Allowances and chores to help you teach financial literacy.
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App home screen showing bank account balances, credit card balance, and a credit card rendering.

It's time to upgrade your family finances

You shouldn’t have to cobble together different banking, credit card, budgeting, and allowance apps.
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annual membership fee

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees or gotchas. Your annual fee allows us to keep building the best possible product for your family.
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Who is eligible for Crew?
Wait, kids can build credit?
Is it safe to give my kid a credit card?
How does Crew work with my current bank?
How do Crew accounts earn such high interest?

So what are you waiting for?

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