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Banking built for families

High-yield checking and savings accounts for the whole Crew
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Crew is a financial technology company, not a bank.

Banking services provided by Bangor Savings Bank, Member FDIC.
High-yield checking and savings
4.7% annual percentage yield (APY) savings¹ with no minimum balance
Accounts for everyone
Joint accounts for parents and authorized user accounts for children
FDIC insured accounts
$500k in coverage for joint accounts, 
$250k for individual accounts2
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Ditch your 0.01% accounts

Put your money to work earning 10x the national average.³
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Modern banking for parents

Everything you need your joint bank accounts to be.
Recent activity across bank accounts
Crew home screen showing checking and savings summary
Interest push notificationChild card spend push notificationCruise control push notification
FDIC insured accounts
$500k for joint accounts and $250k for individual accounts.²
Wire transfers
Free when you have more than $50k in deposits, otherwise $20/transfer.
Cruise control
Keep just what you need in checking and maximize interest in savings.
Family management
Monitor children’s accounts right where you bank.
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Raise money‑smart children

The first and last bank account your children will need.
Purple debit card and allowance summary widget
Automatically split weekly allowances between spending and savings.
Child debit cards
Tied to their own spending account. Easily freeze and unfreeze in the app.
Dedicated experience
Children with a phone number can log in and manage their own accounts.
Real bank accounts
FDIC insurance², direct deposit, interest bearing.
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What are our customers saying?

The Crew banking app has made money management so much easier. I've never had so much fun banking in my entire life. I 100% recommend the Crew app.
Lynda R.
Moving our family to Crew was unbelievably easy. Now that we’re all set up, managing our family finances is automatic. Our kids are excited they can see their balances without having to count hundreds of coins.
Jeff M.
I love how I have immediate oversight on what my kids spend their money on. Crew is a powerful tool to enable financial discussions.
James Y.
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